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6. 3. 2021
SLGH005: A high-precision watch with a design rooted in the nature of Shizukuishi (vol.1)
This watch expresses perfectly the Grand Seiko philosophy and clearly indicates the way forward.

Words: Masayuki Hirota Photos: Takeshi Hoshi @ estrellas Styling: Eiji Ishikawa @ T.R.S Produced by GQ JAPAN for Grand Seiko

In 2021, the Grand Seiko collection expanded to include a watch equipped with a mechanical movement of the highest quality, Caliber 9SA5. This movement was introduced last year in limited editions but is now offered in the mainstream collection. This watch expresses perfectly the Grand Seiko philosophy and clearly indicates the way forward.

The “supercar” of Grand Seiko watches available for the price of a regular watch.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection SLGH005.  Stainless steel case (diameter 40 mm) and bracelet, automatic, see-through case back.   The watch is powered by the new Caliber 9SA5, the highest-performing hi-beat automatic movement ever made by Grand Seiko. Featuring sturdiness and high precision coupled with excellent finishing and a unique look.

Caliber 9SA5, the new automatic high beat movement, took the watch industry by storm in 2020. With a power reserve of roughly 80 hours in addition to a new mechanism comprising the precision-boosting Grand Seiko free-sprung balance, a new overcoil, and a dual-impulse escapement, this advanced automatic high beat movement ranks among the world’s top calibers. The uniqueness of the mechanism makes it the best automatic movement available in all price ranges.

True to the Grand Seiko brand, this “supercar” of movements is contained in an unassuming stainless steel case. The limited edition of one thousand SLGH003 watches sold out immediately after its release at the end of 2020.

All who missed out can take heart—they have another opportunity with the SLGH005. In 2021, a watch equipped with Caliber 9SA5 joined the mainstream Grand Seiko collection. It is the Grand Seiko Heritage Collection SLGH005. The shape of the case and bracelet are unchanged from the SLGH003 released in 2020. However, due to a different finish on the dial, the price is 50,000 yen lower. It should be more appealing in this lower price range.

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