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10. 27. 2023
Grand Seiko Mechanical Hi-Beat GMT “Yuka Momiji” SBGJ273
Nature and architecture come together to inspire this classic Hi-Beat GMT.

In Japan, the seasons are much more than the schedule by which the land cools and warms. They are woven into the fabric of daily life, and pausing to appreciate the unique charm of each season is as natural as can be.

This spirit imbues the latest Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT, which comes with a dial that expresses a very specific scene of Japanese autumnal beauty. The new SBGJ273 is inspired by yuka momiji, the quiet beauty one might encounter in a traditional Japanese building when the ebullient reds of the changing maple leaves outdoors reflect off the lacquered floors within. The floorboards become illuminated with vivid colors, all the while maintaining the definition of their striated form.

With a stripe pattern polished to a bright sheen, the dial of SBGJ273 shows a rich range of red colors, reflecting the subtle variations among the fiery leaves and the dark reflective floorboards themselves, expressing yuka momiji. The depth and complexity of the dial are complemented by the GMT hand, which takes on a vivid gold color that adds to the feeling of autumn while ensuring high contrast and easy legibility. This combination of beauty and ease of use continues with the diamond-cut hands and indexes, which reflect light pleasingly while ensuring that the watch can be read even in low light and without the use of luminous material. Like all Grand Seiko GMT watches, this new timepiece has an independent local hour hand, allowing the time to be changed easily, forward or back, as one goes about their travels.

In spirit, this watch follows the limited-edition SBGH269, which utilized the same dial pattern and color palette, albeit with a different case and without a GMT function, as well as the SBGJ271 of earlier this year, which expressed a similar concept – that of bright white snow reflecting off of lacquered floorboards.

The SBGJ273 has a round shape that has become a classic of Grand Seiko mechanical watchmaking. Influenced by the first Grand Seiko design from 1960, it measures 39.5mm in diameter and 13.9mm thick, with mid-century good looks reinforced by a prominent box-shaped crystal, an elegantly rounded mid-case, and faceted lugs with Zaratsu polishing.

Powering the SBGJ273 is the Hi-Beat 36000 GMT Caliber 9S86, which features automatic winding and a power reserve of 55 hours. Thanks to its rate of 10 vibrations per second, Caliber 9S86 enjoys excellent stability over time as well as resistance to external factors such as shocks. Tested under the Grand Seiko Standard, Caliber 9S86 provides an accuracy of +5 to -3 seconds per day.

SBGJ273 จะเริ่มวางจำหน่ายตั้งแต่เดือนกันยายน 2023 เป็นต้นไปที่ แกรนด์ ไซโก บูติก และผู้แทนจำหน่ายบางแห่ง ในสนนราคาที่ 281,000 บาท

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